What we take for granted is what they desperately need now.

“Giving Chances To Those Who Need Them Most”          
HIV/AIDS Prevention Care & Support
I met Aneyew, a young woman with two young children living with HIV. Her biggest problem is lack of money to buy healthy foods to keep her body strong enough to fight off the effects of the disease. Her only goal is to live to see her two children, Yohanes (7 years in photo) and Kidst (9 years) fully grown and self sufficient.

The look of despair on little Yohanes’ face as his mother told me of her illness was heartbreaking. He never knew his father (died of AIDS), and now doesn’t know how long he’ll have his mother. Unfortunately, this is the hearthbreaking reality that many of the children in Ethiopia face daily.

Yet, at the end of our conversation, with heartfelt warmth and sincerity, Ayenew said to me, “May God bless you with a long life.” Wishing me long life when her own longevity was in question was quite an emotional and sad moment for me.

Life really is our most precious possession.

In areas surrounding Addis Ababa, the capitol of Ethiopia, this is the reality:

•  Ethiopia has one the largest HIV populations in the world

•  There are far too many orphaned children, who have lost both parents
to AIDS. Many of these children are also HIV positive.
“May God bless you with long life -Ayenew, Addis Ababa Ethiopia
Just a few of the many children who are HIV positive, and have lost both parents to AIDS.
These children, all of whom are ill and living with AIDS, only recieve one nutritious meal a day.

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