What we take for granted is what they desperately need now.

“Giving Chances To Those Who Need Them Most”          

The genesis of The Institute for Global Outreach (IGO) started about 7 years ago, in 2004. It was then that Velma Kirksey-Tarver, put pen to paper to begin outlining objectives and formulating a plan by which to achieve them. Global Outreach was officially established in 2007 and received tax exempt nonprofit status in 2009.

Our main purpose is to operate a charitable organization to bring basic humanitarian services to children and families in Ethiopia and other third-world countries, who are innocent victims to the suffering inflicted upon them.

We are committed to helping impoverished families reclaim their full dignity and a vision towards building a more sustainable future for each family and each child.


Our mission is to increase awareness of global suffering as well as “do” something about it.

All donations go directly towards advancing programs that aide those who are malnourished, homeless, orphaned and ill.

About The Founder
Velma Kirksey-Tarver, the founder of The Institute for Global Outreach started this program with a very passionate and inspirational purpose; to help those who lack the resources to help themselves. Her passion for this cause prompted her years ago to start saving her own income to establish this nonprofit organization.

After a recent visit to Ethiopia, where conditions were much worse than anticipated, she witnessed firsthand the deplorable circumstances under which many of our Ethiopian brothers and sisters live in…seeing is definitely believing.

The mother of three daughters, she is also the owner of Reflections Life Coaching and is a Certified Professional Life Coach with the International Coach Federation. Her coaching website is located at:

“It’s truly amazing what happens when a child is given the opportunity to flourish. I feel blessed and honored to be an advocate for those who are unable to help themselves.”

                           -Velma Kirksey-Tarver

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