What we take for granted is what they desperately need now.

“Giving Chances To Those Who Need Them Most”          
Young Violated Girls With Children
Among the many homeless people who live on the streets of Ethiopia, the situation of the young rape victims with small children is among the most tragic and difficult. These girls, as young as 12 or 13, often move into homes with families to work as their nanny. To their tragic misfortune, many of them have been raped by a man in or around the home.

Their reality now is:

•  All of these girls, many of whom are children themselves, have become
pregnant as a result of being raped.

•  To add to their misery, many of their families now disown them and see them as a disgrace.

•  With no place to call home or system to support them, they resort to
begging on the street, prostitution and any means necessary to survive.

•  Since there is no therapy or counseling to teach these young women
how to care for a child, the little babies suffer tremendously from hunger,
cold, and neglect.

After all they’ve suffered from their tragedy, they are now thrown in the streets where they end up desperately try to survive with their little children, having nothing to support themselves. In this harsh environment these girls are often abused, raped, harassed, and beaten by the men and boys on the street.

These problems can be greatly alleviated by providing temporary shelter along with intensive therapy, skills training and follow-up. The primary intention is to rehabilitate these young mothers to have a more productive life.
Many little children suffer terribly being the product of a brutal rape forced upon their young mother.
The tragic tale of little girls being raped is repeated far too often in Ethiopia.

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