What we take for granted is what they desperately need now.

“Giving Chances To Those Who Need Them Most”          
Orphans & Destitute Families
I left the hotel on this morning worn out from the day before; the long and tiring walks to some of the villages around Addis Ababa can be very strenuous. However, when I arrived and saw so many orphaned children with their caregivers waiting to meet me in hopes of getting some help, I was instantly energized and motivated to keep moving forward.

Their sweet melodic voices bursting with hope and anticipation filled my heart with a resonance that was immeasurable. As I was leaving the children, one of their caregivers looked me in the eyes and said “Please help them, they really need it.” I can still hear and feel the desperate pleading in her voice; her face, her eyes, and her energy is still quite vivid in my mind and in my heart.

This is my discovery:

•  Tragically, Ethiopia records one of the highest orphaned populations
worldwide with a steady increase due to AIDS.

•  Famine, conflict, and other diseases such as malaria are also factors that claim the lives of many parents. This leaves many innocent children
homeless and alone.

•  Very few government agencies help orphans, leaving the responsibilities to
the community and extended family. Unfortunately, as more parents die, the
capacity of the extended family to care for ophans becomes smaller and

•  Harsh circumstances force some of these children to a life on the streets where they are vulnerable to sexual exploitation and human trafficing.

The Institute for Global Outreach sponsors orphan children who are placed with extended family or caregivers in a nurturing and loving environment
Elderly grandparents who cant afford to care for themselves, now have an additional responsibility.
Numerous orphan children are severely malnourished and unable to attend school
Many older siblings are forced into parenthood at an early age due to the death of both parents.

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